Strategy: We are building Uniq Holdings into a region-leading provider of services to our stakeholders.

Our strategy, designed to seize regional market opportunities, has four elements:

1. Grow in new markets and vertical sectors

We are already one of South Africa’s largest youth players in infrastructure by industry compliance, grading & innovation.
To achieve further growth we are working to develop our position in new geographies and resource-rich economies such as taking over SA, followed by Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco (as followed by other developing economies in the region).
This followed by Brazil and India, and we are intensifying our focus on high-growth sectors such as housing, power, rail, mining, and transportation.

2. Deliver greater value to the customer

Many of our customers own complex and critical assets that enable societies to function by providing transport, energy, water, natural resources, schools, hospitals and local services.

For them, providing an asset is not an end in itself.
They are concerned to provide education rather than schools, healthcare rather than hospitals, mobility rather than roads or railways.
We help them achieve their true goals by working in partnership with them – bringing together teams that have the know-how and talent to understand the underlying issues and solve the toughest infrastructure challenges.

3. Improve operational performance and cost-effectiveness

Our unique breadth of capabilities and our wide geographical reach in SA are the results of a sustained period of expansion.
Much of this expansion has come through partnerships, and we will continue to forge such relationships that enhance our capabilities or expand our territorial coverage as described in objective 1 above.
But it is not enough to build the platform; we must also operate it as efficiently and profitably as possible.

4. Continue to show leadership in values and behaviour

To be recognized as the leading provider of integrated infrastructure services and to secure a sustainable, long-term future for the Group we must also be a leader in areas such as ethics, safety, and the environment.