Uniq Holdings is a dedicated corporate citizen with a long-standing commitment to corporate social investment (CSI).
We consider and act on the social, economic and environmental impacts of our business and contribute to community causes through education and community work, arts and culture, sustainability and environmental education, and events – thus the formation of TheUCF.org.za.



The Corporate Social Investment Committee shall assist the Board of Directors in reviewing the policies and overseeing the issues with respect to corporate social investment as per their Terms of Reference:

  • environmental protection
  • operating practices
  • community involvement.


Uniq Holdings and its subsidiaries recognize that its business activities have an impact on the community. We strive to reconcile our commercial objectives with the long-term imperatives of sustainable growth, social prosperity and well-being.

We are committed to:

  • meeting all applicable legal and regulatory requirements on corporate social investment matters
  • pursuing good practices of CSI in its operations
  • implementing the policies relating to workplace quality, environmental protection, operating practices and community involvement
  • minimizing the potential environmental impact
  • providing a safe and healthy working environment to all employees and site staff in compliance with the applicable legal requirements
  • supporting meaningful community-oriented activities in partnership with our employees, community bodies, society and government
  • encouraging our staff to be proactive in CSI and providing training to them
  • promoting CSI awareness among our suppliers
  • engaging our stakeholders in our CSI initiatives
  • monitoring and improving the performance in CSI.