It’s by focusing on sustainable innovation that our business will be competitive and thrive.
We are in the process of renegotiating our MoU with the University of Johannesburg on collaboration in Research and Development.
Our departmental management is in constant opportunities of collaboration with various entities of keen interest within R & D and Innovation in our areas of focus.

Our main focus has been on value creation for cities, the role of culture in the city’s transformation, and infrastructure funding mechanisms.
We also concerned about new technological innovations and solutions around enhancing life in cities through deployment of smart cities concepts and systems.
Our construction and engineering division strongly explore opportunities of alternative building technologies, innovative products that contribute to the reduction of C02 emission in our projects.

Our approach to sustainable innovation is built on leadership, engagement, knowledge sharing and collaboration.
It’s an approach that doesn’t just depend on our employees – it also means working closely with our supply chain and our clients, who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of our innovations.